Guidelines for submitting entries:
  1. The project must have been created and aired or distributed during the 2021 calendar year.
  2. The project must have been created in the North Mississippi/West Alabama market area or have been run or distributed to the North Mississippi/West Alabama market audience. If you have questions about whether your work meets these criteria, please contact Kathy Kenne who will be glad to assist you.
  3. Entries must be submitted in one of the categories listed. A campaign is defined as 2 or more pieces developed to work together to promote a message.  They can be the same medium or mixed media.
  4. Entries must be submitted on or before January 28, 2022. They should be delivered to these locations.  If you can’t get to a drop off location please contact Kathy Kenne to coordinate a pick up.
  5. Entry fees are due on or before January 28, 2022, or your entries will not be judged. Payment may be made by check, or online by credit card.  There is a 4% online processing fee.
  6. Rules for displaying or delivering entries are described below. Please follow them carefully as entries submitted in an incorrect format are subject to omission from judging.
  7. Entries must conform to all copyright laws.
  8. If a question should arise during judging, the entrant must be willing to submit the necessary documents to provide the answer, i.e. media affidavits, client invoices with redacted costs, etc.
Guidelines for Student Entries:

Student work will be judged only against other student work.

  1. All guidelines for submitting entries listed above must be followed, except the requirement that the work be aired/distributed to the public.
  2. Applicants must have been enrolled fulltime (12 or more semester hours) in a post-secondary educational institution when work was created.
  3. Work may be developed specifically for this competition or submitted from class projects.
  4. Student intern work is eligible only if it is not used by or paid for by a client. If it has been used or paid for, it may be entered in the professional competition at those rates.
  5. Recent graduates are eligible to enter as long as the entry was created while a fulltime student during the 2021 calendar year.


Single Entry – $40
Campaign – $65 (see campaign criteria on the Categories page)
Student Single Entry – $30
Student Campaign – $50

About Judging

Judges – Three experienced professionals within the field of marketing will judge all entries.  They will be from outside the North Mississippi/West Alabama market area.  The judges will not know the identities of the entrants during the judging process, so each entry will be considered solely on its own merit.

Awards – There may be more than one award in a category. Not all categories may receive a gold or silver award if judges deem that the materials don’t meet a gold or silver standard.

Best of Show
A Best of Show award may be given in the following categories if an entry meets the highest level criterion.

• Print Medium – print, out of home, business collateral, logo, direct mail, sales/packaging, point of purchase, specialty advertising
• Digital Medium – online, social media, video, audio, website
• Public Relations – public relations campaign, events, marketing campaign, sponsorship, internal business project
• Campaign – may be awarded for mixed media or single medium campaign
• Student Entry

Entry Process

All entries become property of AMP, so please provide copies only.

  • Entries should be placed in clear plastic sleeves (preferred method) or a manila envelopes. Size should be approximately 9.5” x 11.5.” An entry form for each submission should also be enclosed in the sleeve or envelope facing the opposite direction.  A white sticker no larger than 1” x 1” should be attached to the upper right hand corner of the sleeve/envelope.  That sticker should show the category number in which the entry is to be judged.  For example, if submitting an E-invitation for judging, the white sticker would have “2B” printed on it.  If an entry is too large to fit into a sleeve or envelope, the same procedures should be followed, but the entry may be placed in a box or tube.  There should be one box/tube per entry unless it is a campaign.
  • Online, social media, video and audio entries should be presented on a flash drive or DVD and inserted in a plastic sleeve or manila envelope following the procedures outlined above.
  • Website and blogsite entries may be made by printing the home page of the entry with the URL prominently displayed below it. Follow the same procedures for submitting it in a plastic sleeve/envelope and identifying it as outlined in the first bullet point. If a password is required, print that below the URL.
  • No information identifying the entrant should be on the front of the entry, in video slates or in online URLs.
  • Each business or individual submitting work to the AMP Awards should complete and turn in a single official manifest form listing all entries submitted.
  • Campaign entries, whether submitted in the multimedia or single medium categories, will be given the opportunity to include a 200 word narrative to provide further insight into the campaign strategy.


Have you done the following?

  • Completed and signed entry forms for each entry
  • Inserted each entry in a plastic sleeve, manila envelope, box or tube along with an entry form
  • Labeled each entry with the appropriate category number
  • Completed a single manifest listing all entries you are submitting
  • Written your check by the deadline

It’s really not much at all!

Checks should be made out to AMP Golden Triangle.  Entries and checks MUST be received on or before January 28, 2022.